Dye Your Halloween Costume!

Rit provides you with the tools to get the exact color you need for a budget-friendly costume. Don’t spend hours finding the right item, just dye it. Scroll for some inspiration!

Hippie Couples Costume

Trade in spooky for groovy this Halloween with a DIY retro 70’s-inspired look for you and your boo. 👻

Pink Flamingo

Is standing on one leg your thing? It’s time to let your inner bird shine with this amazing flamingo costume.

Cactus Costume

Even if you don’t live in the desert, we highly recommend this costume! It’s bright, unique and sure to stick out (no pun intended) in a crowd.

We Have 1,000+ Color Formulas

Our All-Purpose and DyeMore shades are only the beginning. Mix them together and the possibilities to get that perfect color for your costume are endless.

Paint Swatch

If you want a little craft and a lot of color, then this paint swatch is the costume for you!

Lava Lamp Costume

Get groovy this Halloween and create this amazing lava lamp costume that our friend Aww Sam went all out to create.

Frosted Animal Cookie

Every adult has nostalgia when it comes to frosted animal cookies with sprinkles. And of course kids absolutely love them!

Décor Ideas Galore!

With these dyed décor ideas, you’ll have the most festive house on the block (and maybe even the entire neighborhood).

Tickled Pink Mommy & Me Costume

Matching pink costumes is every little girls dream. And who doesn’t love a good pun?

Gumball Machine Costume

What a great excuse for carrying around a bunch of chewing gum.

Retro Roller Waitress Costume

It doesn’t get more retro than a roller skating waitress! And with this costume you can avoid the broken ankle by making faux roller skates out of your shoes.

Bumble Bee Costume

All you really need is a black and white striped dress to create this buzz worthy costume!

Solar System Couples Costume

Halloween is always more fun when you have a coordinated costume with a friend or partner. And we are ‘over the moon’ about this costume!


Dress up as something you use on a daily basis: emojis! Simply pick your favorite one and use one of our custom emoji color formulas!

Orange and Black Dog Leash

Your dog deserves some Halloween flair too! This simple DIY ensures they’ll get in the spirit.

Ombré Ghost Costume

These might be the most colorful and friendliest ghosts we have ever seen!

Fox Costume

If you have a thing for foxes, and we get why you might (thanks Wes Anderson), then this is the DIY for you!

Unicorn Tutu

If you’re all about the rainbow-colored positive vibes, then a unicorn is probably the right costume for you. Our friend I Am Style-Ish created the perfect tutu for her and her daughter’s unicorn costume.

Orange and Black Nylon Tights

An easy and fun way to get in the spirit. We whipped these up in a mason jar in only 30 minutes!

Crayon Costume

No one uses crayons more than your little ones. So why not let them become one this Halloween? Ashlee from Miller, Myer & Me did.

Rosie the Riveter

Nothing says Halloween like a bit of time travel. Take it back to the ’40s as the strong-willed Rosie the Riveter in collaboration with Glush Threads.

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