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Rit Dye Tips & Techniques

How to Dye Clothes, Fabric, Polyester, and Much More!

Dyeing is simple. All you need is dye and hot water to make a magical color transformation happen. And once you start dyeing, it can become addictive, igniting your passion to try creative dyeing techniques like tie-dye, ombre and shibori or to move beyond dyeing fabric to dyeing materials like wood, paper, feathers and rope. These dyeing techniques let you explore all the ways you can dye, helping you to attain the best results as well as learn new ways to showcase your creativity.

Rit Dye Color Dyeing Techniques for Beginners
Rit Dye Color Dyeing Methods
Rit Dye Color Dyeing Creative Techniques
Rit Dye Color Dyeing Wood, Wicker, Other Materials




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