All-Purpose Dye

A tried and true classic that’s been dyeing your goods new and old for over 100 years. Our All-Purpose Dye is here to add a bit of dazzle to washable natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and silk, as well as synthetics like nylon and rayon. A simple, non-toxic way to bring the color of your choice to garments, household items, and more.

DyeMore for Synthetics

With so many diverse synthetic fabric iterations on the market, we thought it was high time to offer a dye capable of taking those very fabrics to the next level. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Rit DyeMore, a dye specially made for synthetic fabrics like polyester, polyester cotton blends, acrylic, and acetate. And like our All-Purpose formula, DyeMore is non-toxic and perfect for use in the home.

ColorStay Dye Fixative

We want your Rit projects to stand the test of time. Using ColorStay Dye Fixative after a dyeing will keep your fabrics looking their brightest by doubling the color retention of your dye job while simultaneously enhancing the color of your finished project. Sunlight, washing machine cycles, the ravages of time all conspire to fade your latest dye projects. Our ColorStay Fixative has but one word to say to that: Nope.

Color Remover

Color Remover is made to remove the color from your yet-to-be-dyed fabrics, giving you a dye-ready canvas for spectacular results every time. It also provides a literal reset button for dye jobs that didn’t turn out quite right. It’s what dye is to fabric as erasers are to pencils. Right? Yep.

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Our ProLine formula features an advanced mix of dyes that’s applicable to natural and synthetic fibers and is ideal for scaling dye projects, no matter the size.

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