Dyed IKEA Hacks

IKEA provides us with the perfect inexpensive canvas to create home furnishings that are so unique, so chic. All you need is a bottle of dye and a willingness to have fun!

MERETE Dip Dyed Curtains

You would never guess that these beautiful curtains were only $29.99. But they were!


Pink couches are pretty hard to come by. $399 couches are even harder. Which is why we are so inspired by our friend Melodrama, who transformed this IKEA couch into a one-of-a-kind gem.

INDIRA Blanket Dyed Two Ways

We took a simple white blanket from IKEA and created two different looks. Both turned out equally awesome!

JÄRA Lamp Shade

We were as surprised as you might be to find out that Rit can dye lampshades beautifully! This inexpensive shade from IKEA can be paired with one of our 500+ color formulas to perfectly match your room’s décor.

JUSTINA Seat Cushions

These $4.99 IKEA chair cushions are so cushy and have a great price point, but lacked color! So we took matters into our own hands.

NILS Shibori Dyed Stool

This awesome stool comes with a removable cotton slipcover that provided us with the perfect opportunity to customize. And who doesn’t love a good shibori dye?

SKOLD Sheepskin Pillow

Sheepskin pillows are a fun decorative accent to any room. We were so excited when we figured out that they absorb our dye beautifully.

JÄRA Dip Dyed Lamp Shade

Because one custom dyed shade wasn’t enough. We created this really unique dip dyed look and challenge you to find something like this anywhere else!

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