Pop-In@Nordstrom x Rit

We’re celebrating sustainability and future-focused design with Pop-In@Nordstrom and Levi’s® through the lens of three incredible female designers.

We worked with Collina Strada, Melody Ehsani and Thompson Street Studio to create three DIY Upcycling Kits to inspire others to create more sustainability. Each kit features a custom color formula specially curated by the designers. See below to learn more or visit Nordstrom.com/pop to shop.

Thompson Street Studio

Thompson Street Studio’s Kiva Motnyk uses dyed fabric scraps throughout her signature handmade patchwork to craft one-of-a-kind works of art for your wardrobe and your home. See how she uses Shibori techniques with our dye kit.

Collina Strada

Sustainability and the reuse of garments already in circulation are key aspects of Collina Strada’s design process. For her collection, she reimagines vintage Levi’s® with a profusion of colors, patterns, and sequins all inspired by the streets of New York. See how they used custom Collina Strada Yellow to create three different looks.

Melody Eh$ani

Go green with Melody Ehsani’s Dye-At-Home Upcycling Kit featuring Power Green.  Revive a well-worn piece by overdyeing or give it a fun twist with tie-dye—because dyeing four shirts instead of buying new can reduce your carbon footprint by 74%.

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