Thompson Street Studio Upcycling Kit

October 4 2021

We had the pleasure of  visiting Kiva Motnyk at Thompson Street Studio to get a behind-the-scenes look at her process. Scroll down to see how she makes her designs come to life using her new Dye-At-Home Thompson Street Studio Upcycling Kit made in collaboration with Levi’s and Nordstroms.


To create the repetitive resist pattern, Kiva folds wooden blocks custom made by her husband into the fabric as shown below. She then tightens a clamp around the wooden blocks and submerges them into the prepared dyebath. Take it a step further and use the dyed fabric to Boro stitch these Shibori patterns onto your Levis denim pieces.

Once you’ve clamped your fabric, it’s time to dye. Follow the Thompson Street Studio Blue color formula carefully to create your dyebath.

Make sure to test the dyebath with a piece of scrap fabric of paper towel. Submerge clamped fabric into the dyebath until desired color is achieved and rinse in cold water.

Take it one step further and cut panels of the Shibori dyed fabric to rework your favorite pieces using a technique called Boro. Boro uses a simple running stitch (a sashiko stitch) to reinforce garments item using scraps of fabric. It’s oftentimes used to patch up holes to give second-life to garments.

Shop the DIY Kit at a select Nordstrom Pop-In near you or visit


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