Collina Strada Upcycling Kit

October 4 2021

Sustainability and the reuse of garments already in circulation are key aspects of Collina Strada’s design process so it’s no surprise that we found Rit Dye bottles scattered around their studio during our visit. Scroll down to see how the team behind the eclectic brand used her new Dye-At-Home Upcycling Kit in collaboration with Levi’s and Nordstroms (featuring a custom yellow color formula hand picked by the designer) to create three different looks.

From dip dyeing, painting to using stencils—the masterminds behind the Collina Strada brand continues to push the possibilities with creative applications and we’re so inspired. Scroll down to get a behind-the-scenes look at how they create some of their signature looks.

Follow the Collina Strada Yellow color formula carefully to create your dyebath. Solid dye your shirts to create a base, or section off your shirt with two rubber bands and dip dye as shown below.

For the solid dyed shirts, the team behind Collina Strada showed us how they use  simple craft foam brushes and small spray bottles to get creative with their dye application.

First, create small dyebaths to use as paint. Alternate between thin and thick stripes to create a faux-plaid look as shown.

Alternatively, you can pour the small dyebath mixture into a spray bottle and spray over a stencil to create a unique design.

Shop the DIY Kit at a select Nordstrom Pop-In near you or visit

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