Upcycling with Pauli Lovejoy

April 20 2023

In honor of Earth Month, we partnered with drummer and recording artist Pauli Lovejoy to upcycle some pieces directly from his closet with the help of Rit Dye.  We spent the day dyeing and breathing new life into his old, stained clothes to create a more sustainable closet. See how we transformed Pauli’s look with just a bottle of Dark Green All-Purpose Dye.

Before the world of fast-fashion and even before tie-dye took over Woodstock, Rit Dye’s #1 use was to revive garments and household items. Since 1918, we’ve been an advocate for sustainable fashion practices. This is why Earth Month is so important to us, it’s interwoven into our history.

So to celebrate, we invited drummer and recording artist Pauli Lovejoy to come Rit-cycle old pieces from his closet that he no longer wore. He rummaged through his closet and brought this old t-shirt and a pair of faded gray jeans that could use some love.

We then spent an entire day dyeing, breathing new life into his old clothes, and most importantly, having fun!


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Because both the shirt and jeans were 100% cotton, Pauli went with All-Purpose Liquid Dye in Dark Green and Apple Green.  He even ended up wearing this old shirt we tie-dyed to his Flybration event in L.A. (pictured below).

To achieve this look, Pauli used the bullseye tie-dye technique to create random circular patterns throughout this old shirt he no longer wore using the squeeze bottle application. We also created a Dark Green Dyebath to overdye his faded gray Levi’s jeans to achieve a unique wash to complement the old but now new shirt.

Here are two custom color formulas using our All-Purpose liquid dyes to recreate your own look inspired by Pauli’s look.

Optic Green
2 Bottles Dark Green
1⁄2 Cup Apple Green
3 Gallons
Electric Shock
1⁄4 Cup Lemon Yellow
2 Tablespoons Neon Green
3 Gallons
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