The 2021 Rit Review

Here are the top colors and trends that got us through the year.


In 2020 you all learned to perfect the swirl—but in 2021 you took it to the next level and kept us inspired. Thank you all for sharing your love for dyeing and allowing us to be part of your creative process. Scroll down for our year in review and the colors that got us through 2021.

Aquamarine is still #1 followed by Black and Royal Blue—but the rest has changed drastically. Scroll down to see!

Brighter hues took a step down as earthy, neutral tones like browns and greens took over our feeds.

Chocolate Brown is rarely in our top 20, but this year it proudly sits at #3! Mostly due to the brown trend that took over TikTok.

Just like our All-Purpose Liquid Dyes and DyeMore, earthy tones are took the lead for our powder dyes. When our browns sold out, folks turned to our tried-and-true powder dyes.

These Color Formulas beat over 1000+ shades to make it on this list. Lots of greens and oranges made it to the top this year.

Although the quarantine craft phase is over, tie-dye was still our #1 technique folks searched for followed by shibori, ice dye, marble dye and ombre.

No surprise that with the popularity of brown that our brown posts were #1, followed by dyed crocs–yep, you can dye crocs.

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