The 2020 Rit Review

Here are the top colors and trends that got us through the year.


This year has forced us all to slow down and spend more time doing what we love—and for some of you, that meant exploring the art of dyeing. Thousands of you stayed at home for the greater good and joined us virtually through our website for tutorials, color formulas and more. Thank you all for keeping us inspired and for allowing us to be part of your creative process. Scroll down for our year in review and the colors that got us through 2020.

Bread baking, sewing masks, solving puzzles….and, of course, tie-dyeing. If you didn’t partake in one of these four quarantine hobbies, were you even in a pandemic? All jokes aside, folks spent a whopping 31,266 hours learning how to tie-dye. That’s 1302 days—or 3.56 years.

Numbers don’t lie. When people find out about our Color Formulas offering over 1,000 shades, they just can’t stop scrolling.

Light blues and pinks were at the top of our list this year, which is out of the ordinary for our team here at Rit Dye. Our top colors are typically darker like wine, black and navy blues—but the people have spoken and the future is looking bright.

Some wins, some losses. Bright colors like Rose Quartz, Hyacinth, and Fuchsia shot up whereas darker colors like Charcoal Grey and Black fell compared to 2018-19.

Finding white cotton blanks this year was almost impossible thanks to the WFH uniform: the tie-dye sweatsuit. Folks turned to our DyeMore for Synthetics to dye their poly-blend sweats—which explains the higher than average volume of bright colors like Super Pink, Kentucky Sky and Apricot Orange.

When inventory of our All-Purpose Liquid Dye ran low this summer, crafters turned to our All-Purpose Powder Dye using our handy Powder-to-Liquid conversion chart. Also, if you experimented with ice dyeing this year, chances are you used one of these top All-Purpose Powder Dyes.

These Color Formulas beat over 1000+ shades to make it on this list. Although our top All-Purpose Liquid Dyes were more colorful this year, our color formulas leaned more into fall hues like Burnt Orange and Pumpkin Spirits (perfect for cozy knits).

It’s no surprise that tie-dye took #1 for top technique used by dyers. 31,266 hours were spent learning how to perfect the art of tie-dyeing on our website this year.

Meet Mr and Mrs Kim, a charismatic duo who has stolen our hearts this year. First-generation immigrants, small business owners, grandparents, avid golfers—and now, influencers? These are just a few titles they’re proud to wear along with this 🔥 tie-dye outfit.

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