Nike x Rit

Tap into your creative side and ice dye your own unique fit with the Nike Do It Yourself kit, powered by Rit.

Inside the Kit

This limited-edition collaboration drops with your choice of one men’s or one women’s sail fleece sweatshirt, serving as the canvas for your ice dye creation. Every kit includes two Rit powder dyes, an assortment of Nike patches, gloves, bands, and an instructional guide with directions for anyone looking to make a go-to look that’s cooler than ice.

What is Ice Dyeing?

Ditch the squeeze bottles and let the ice do all the work. As the ice melts, it’ll carry the powder dyes into your sweatshirt creating organic watercolor effects. And because you’re not mixing the powder dyes beforehand, you’ll get cool color splits that might surprise you.

Behind the Design

To celebrate the release of the Nike DIY Kit Powered by Rit, we invited painter + dyer + friend Juliet Johnstone to the Rit factory to show her how it’s done.

Techniques + Tutorials

We worked with our friends at Nike to create three Ice Dye tutorials ranging from beginner, intermediate to expert. Scrunch, pleat, incline—we cover it all.

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We send awesome emails.

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