Show Your Colors this 4th of July

Make your own colorful fireworks display with these red, white and blue DIYs perfect for the whole family. It’s the ultimate activity for this summer holiday.

Wear Your Stripes

Wear your stripes with this tie-dye interpretation of the flag.

Dip 'n Dyed

Nothing screams summer like cut-off denim shorts and we’ve turned this pair into a 4th of July must-have. They’re festive, cute and perfect for a backyard BBQ.

Fireworks Picnic Blanket

We are thrilled with how this tie dyed blanket turned out and we’re especially loving the patriotic red, white and blue colors. You’ll be all set to watch fireworks on the 4th of July.

Red, White & Blue Swirl

This Fourth of July, create a vibrant firework display with tie-dye. We’re here to show you two ways to create your red, white and blue look. Apply your colors front to back or half and half.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Once all the drinks are done, use the leftover ice from the drink cooler to create a cool red, white and blue marbled tie-dye design created by the melting ice! By simply sprinkling powdered dye over ice on top of fabric, you can create beautiful watercolor effects that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Sit with the Stars

We used star shaped stencils as a resist to dye this festive table runner. The perfect touch to your 4th tablescape.

For the BBQ Table

A quick and easy to way to add some festive colors to your 4th of July picnic. The best part? All the ketchup stains will blend right in.

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