Dye Wood With Rit!

Since dye is water-based (and not a heavy oil-based stain), it allows the natural wood grain to show through, adding beautiful color and texture to the finished project. Plus, it will never peel or chip! Follow along to learn how.

Step 1: Pick a Color

We have over 50 colors to choose from! Plus, you can mix our dyes to create over 1,000 additional colors with our color formulas!

Step 2: Find a Piece of Wood to Dye

All you need is something that is unfinished.

Step 3: Pour Dye

We usually recommend 3 cups of water to every 1/2 cup of dye. Play with the ratios to find the right color for you.

Step 3: Dye the Wood

You can fully submerge your wood items in the dyebath or simply dip one end. You can even try dyeing the wood at different angles or create an ombré effect. There are so many fun options to test out!

Step 4: Enjoy!

We just love how the wood pattern shows through. 😎

Some Inspiration

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We send awesome emails.

We send awesome emails.

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