Learn about our past collaborations with brands and artists, and check out our exclusive color formulas.

Introducing the dye-it-yourself collection designed to turn your comfy Bombas into colorful homemade masterpieces.

The Levi’s® 501® Originals are not just about enduring style, it’s also about sustainability, durability, and timelessness. No two pairs are the same — that’s what makes it a true original. And with dye, you can truly make them one-of-a-kind.

We collaborated with designer and photographer, Brema of Unfinished Legacy to bring you a collection of custom color formulas inspired by his go-to shades.

In honor of Earth Day, we collaborated with eco-conscious designer Gabriella Meyers of Denimcratic to bring you a custom capsule collection highlighting our shared commitment to sustainable fashion using only recycled denim and knitwear—all dyed with our non-toxic dyes, of course.

We collaborated with classic painter turned designer (and upcycler) Juliet Johnstone to bring you a collection of custom color formulas inspired by her daily nature walks and her favorite vintage botanical books.

We have collaborated with RSVP Gallery to bring you a collection of curated custom neon color formulas inspired by the iconic signage featured in their boutique. In celebration of the collaboration, we also created a series of video tutorials showcasing various Shibori techniques and a dye kit available on their website.

We teamed up with Reebok and iconic shoe retailer size? to bring you the Club C reworked with dyeable materials. We also created a series of tutorials showcasing the different ways you can customize a shoe (or anything you desire).

We collaborated with the Passport Vintage team to bring you a collection of curated custom color formulas inspired by timeless hues that’ll be relevant for years—perfect for upcycling your vintage or thrifted finds.


We worked with Reese to create a custom set of colors and provide them alongside a printed Champion tee, giving his audience an opportunity to experiment with dye techniques and color mixing. “Dyeing was a natural fit. It gives you the freedom to truly make something your own,” said Reese.

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