Summer Checklist: Dyed Edition!

July 10 2019

Before you hit the beach or head out glamping, treat yourself to a fun day of DIYing. These easy “must-make” projects are a fun way to spend a sunny afternoon so you can enjoy the rest of your summer in style!

Tie Dyed Socks

If you haven’t heard, tie dye is back! So why not extend the trend to everything you own? Rock these trippy prints from the festival grounds to all around town.

Shibori Beach Towel

Whether you’re kicking it by the pool or on a tropical beach, you’re sure to make a splash with this colorful and hip new towel.

Mommy & Me Dip Dyed Shoes

We created the cutest dip dyed mommy and me shoes that are simple to make and the perfect project to do together. Let your daughter pick the color and have fun dipping!

Upcycled Outdoor Cushions

Rather than throwing outdoor cushions away or buying an entirely new set, give them new life with the use of our dye for synthetics, Rit DyeMore.

Matching Tie Dyed Two Piece Set

It seems that the hottest fashion trends lately are the ones that evoke memories of our childhood. And this matching tie-dyed set does just that. The colors we chose are more sophisticated, allowing you to go from the music festival to the beach and back!

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