Return to Darkness

The Back to Black Dye Kit includes our darkest, richest (and arguably spookiest) Jet Black All-Purpose Liquid Dye. With a few tricks, we transformed household items into the color of the night to celebrate all things Halloween.

Back to Black Bat Napkins

Stained napkins? No worries, go bold and black for a hauntingly delicious dinner.

Jet Black Spider Web Doilies

The envy of spiders everywhere. Clean up the real cobwebs before the Halloween party and replace them with these chic black webs.

Magic 8 Ball

The future of your DIY Halloween Costume is looking good with the Back to Black Kit

Dip Dyed Tablecloth

the ultimate ghoulish DIY to spookify the candy table!

From bedsheet to best dressed

Transform a thrifted sheet into this bat-fan (a bat caftan) for a vintage halloween look

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