Introducing the dye-it-yourself collection designed to turn your comfy Bombas into colorful homemade masterpieces.

Bombas, Meet Rit

Bombas is all about making the most comfortable socks and shirts ever—and now, you can customize them with our latest collaboration which includes a DIY Kit. It has everything you need to add your own colorful twist to your favorite pieces.

Select Your Style

We’ve made it easy with a one-stop-shop experience. Simply pick our your favorite Bombas styles and start dyeing. Don’t worry, the Tie DIY Kit comes with instructions and everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Mix and Match

The kit comes with our All-Purpose Powder Dyes in Scarlet, Golden Yellow and Teal. Use them as is or mix them up to create over 15 unique shades with our custom color formulas perfect for summer.

Look good, do good

When you purchase a Bombas Tie DIY Kit, you’re helping us donate 4,000 of them to organizations providing family-friendly summer programming for those in need in the communities of Chicago and NYC, like the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.

It's All About Technique

Watch to learn how to tie-dye your Bombas pieces.  Swirl, scrunch, pleat and ice dye your way into unique, one-of-a-kind creations.

Let's Get Started

Head over to to shop the Tie DIY Kit.

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