Back to Blue Denim Dye Kit

Give Your Denim a Second Chance to Dance in Bold Blue. Our new Back to Blue Denim Dye Kit allows you to achieve up to 4 different washes of denim.

From Faded Blue to Like-New

Refresh your denim with our new Denim Dye Kit featuring our Bold Blue All-Purpose Liquid Dye. It’s our most versatile dye that can achieve up to 4 different shades of denim.

Love the Fit but hate the Color?

Overdye it in a few easy steps using our Back to Blue Kit. Perfect for cotton, linen, silk, wool, rayon, ramie, viscose, and nylon.

Select Your Shade of Blue

Achieve the perfect shade of blue wash by varying the concentration of the dyebath. Choose from 1oz, 4oz and 8oz of dye, or create two shades to achieve this colorblock look here.

Let's get Technical

With a help of a few blocks and the Back to Blue Kit, we turned an ordinary denim overall dress into a statement piece.

Match Made in Denim Heaven

From jeans to sneakers, the possibilities are endless. What will you dye?

Get Back to Blue

Now available online and in-stores at Blick.

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