R...it's Alive!!!

September 28 2022

To celebrate spooky season, we partnered with our creative friends Aleia Murawski + Sam Copeland to create a miniature universe where Rit bottles come alive for Halloween.

Ready to Dye this Halloween? We frankenstein-ed our iconic Rit bottles with some imagination and craft supplies. As you can see, we had so much fun putting this tiny little universe together with creative duo Aleia + Sam known for their meticulously crafted miniature scenes. Their art is rooted in play and experimentation—two things we also love to do here at Rit HQ.

Together we dreamed up a miniature world where Rit Bottles come to life to celebrate the spookiest season of the year. From dyeing the bottle’s costumes, creating miniature Rit Dye bottles to building miniature sets, we did it all.

Follow along this month to see more bottles get into the spooky spi…rit and some fun behind-the-scenes moments that made this all possible.


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