Upcycling with Blu DeTiger

April 19 2022

In honor of Earth Month, we partnered with singer-songwriter and bass player Blu DeTiger to upcycle some of her wardrobe with the help of celebrity stylist Avigail Collins. With Avigail’s help, we pulled a few pieces including an all-white ensemble from Blu’s latest music video. We spent the day dyeing and breathing new life into her old, stained clothes to create a more sustainable closet. Scroll down to see how we transformed Blu’s look.

Back in the 60s (before the world of fast-fashion) Rit Dye was mostly used to upcycle and revive garments and household items like curtains—it’s one of the reasons why Earth Month is so important to us.

Instead of polluting our world, we look to revamp and use what we already have in our closet with the help of our dyes. When shared this history with Blu, the mission was clear: utilize what we already have and spread the message of upcycling with the world.

So we got to work and dove inside Blu’s closet with stylist Avigail Collins to pull some clothes to upcycle. We went through our library of color formulas with Avigail and landed on these recipes to revive some of Blu’s well-loved pieces:

Blu DeTiger Blue
1⁄4 Cup Aquamarine
3⁄4 Teaspoon Indigo
3 Gallons
Purple Rhapsody
1 1⁄2 Teaspoons Denim Blue
1 1⁄2 Teaspoons Purple
3 Gallons
Optic Green
2 Bottles Dark Green
1⁄2 Cup Apple Green
3 Gallons
Outer Orbit
1⁄2 Cup Hyacinth
1⁄2 Cup Aquamarine
3 Gallons

Blu DeTiger Blue (formulated just for Blu!), Optic Green, Purple Rhapsody, Outer Orbit and the All-Purpose Golden Yellow Liquid Dye which we used to overdye her blue Levi’s jeans as well as the Graphite DyeMore for Synthetics used to dye her boots (shown above).

Avigail even took out her sewing kit to create this cool stitch resist on one of Blu’s pieces we dyed (pictured above). Check out the full tutorial HERE.

We also took Blu’s merch t-shirt and did a little reverse tie-dye to create this look below, instructions for this can be found HERE.

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