Dye Your Sneakers with DyeMore

March 7 2022

From the laces to the soles—dye it all with DyeMore for Synthetics. If you’re working with canvas or leather shoes, All-Purpose will work but if you’re not sure what material your shoes are, DyeMore for Synthetics is your answer. We love how the different materials on the sneakers absorbed the dyes.

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  1. Clean shoes with acetone and a cotton pad. This helps to remove any finishes that may interfere with dye absorption.
  2.  Remove laces and set aside.
  3. To create your dyebath, fill a stainless steel pot with 3 gallons of hot water. Cover pot and heat water on stove top to just below boiling (or 180 F°).
  4. Wearing protective gloves, carefully add hot water from the stove top into a container for dyeing or stainless steel sink.
  5. Wearing gloves, add 1/2 bottle of well-shaken DyeMore for Synthetics and mix well with tongs. We used the Golden Yellow DyeMore for Synthetics formula which calls for Daffodil Yellow and Apricot Orange.

  6. Carefully add sneakers into dyebath and keep submerged for 5-10 minutes or until desired color is achieved. Sneakers will float to the top so make sure to keep it submerged with tongs for the duration of the dyeing process. (Optional: You can also toss your laces into the dyebath).
  7. When desired color is achieved, remove sneakers from the dyebath.
  8. Rinse in warm water and then gradually cool water until rinse water begins to run clear.
  9. Allow sneakers to air dry.


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