Shibori Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

December 17 2020

Make use of your fabric scraps with our simple Shibori Embroidery Hoop ornaments. They’re perfect for gift-toppers and dressing up your tree. Pro tip: personalize your ornaments with contrasting embroidery to spread the holiday cheer this season.

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  1. Visit our Shibori Techniques page and follow the instructions to create your patterned fabrics. We used the Itajime technique with the triangle fan-fold.
  2. Once fabric is dyed and dried, iron out any wrinkles
  3. Layout the 3” embroidery hoops over Shibori patterns and decide which part of the fabric you’d like to use as the ornament design.
  4. Loosen the screw or nut on the embroidery hoop to loosen the inner ring. Place inner ring behind the fabric, then place the outer ring over it and press down until it’s snug.
  5. Tug the corners of the fabric slightly to make the fabric taut and cut around the edges leaving a 2″ border.
  6. Tighten nut or screw securely. Gather fabric behind the hoop and secure with tape. Optional: Cut out a 3″ circle from cardboard and adhere to the backside of the embroidery hoop to hide the gathered fabric.
  7. Carefully cut 3” piece of wire to create ornament hook and place around the embroidery hoop screw.
  8. You can customize your Shibori ornaments with contrasting embroidery or create fabric ribbons from leftover Shibori fabric to create bows.
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