Dip Dye Your Easter!

March 26 2019

Easter is one of our favorite holidays to decorate for because we get to surround ourselves with pastels!  These simple DIYs take minutes to do, but will bring so much class and color to your home. Plus, scroll down below to see a few of our favorite pastel hues that we picked from our new color formulas library!

Ombré Dyed Wooden Eggs

We found inexpensive wooden eggs (available at Hobby Lobby, JOANN’s and Michael’s) and dyed them with some favorite pastel picks from our new color formula library. Since Rit is a water-based dye, it allows the beautiful wood grain pattern to show through. Now one of our all-time favorite projects!

Dip Dyed Pastel Napkins

If you’re looking to create a memorable Easter table setting full of color, you can’t go wrong with these dip dyed napkins. It is so easy to do and adds such a beautiful touch to any tablescape.

Pastel Color Formulas

These pastel picks from our new color formulas library are both beautiful and fun. Try them out and you’ll see why!

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