Oktoberfest Dinner Party

October 4 2018

Our friends at Tremaine Ranch threw a beautiful dinner party celebrating Oktoberfest. Rather than using the traditional bright blue and yellow colors of Oktoberfest, they took a modern twist using our custom color, Star Sapphire. They dyed several items using Rit, including the bar backdrop, dip dyed napkins, menus, name cards and even a wooden cake stand. We love how this event turned out and hope it inspires you to host your own Oktoberfest dinner party.

Dip Dyed Paper

Tremaine Ranch dip dyed their own menus and name cards with Star Sapphire.  Follow these instructions to dip dye your own paper products!


Dip Dyed Napkins 

Dip dyeing napkins is an easy way to add a pop of color to your table setting. Follow these instructions for dip dyeing linen napkins. Instead of using Coral, Tremaine Ranch used the Star Sapphire color formula. 

Dip Dyed Yarn Weaving Backdrop

We can’t get enough of this beautifully dip dyed yarn weaving backdrop. The blue color perfectly ties in the Oktoberfest theme while making a big statement. Leah from Tremaine Ranch dipped the yarn into a Star Sapphire dyebath for 15 minutes. After the yarn was pulled out of the dye bath, Leah blended the yarn line with a wet paper towel. 

Dip Dyed Cake Stand

The Star Sapphire color was incorporated into many elements of the Oktoberfest decor, including the wooden cake stand. This dye project is so easy, it’s hard to pass up. Once you’ve made your dye bath, you simply dip your cake stand into the bath and let it sit for a few minutes. Once your desired color is achieved, remove the cake stand to dry. Blot any excess dye mixture. Follow instructions for how to dye wood here.


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