DIY Summer Fashion

May 16 2018

Summer present the perfect opportunity to indulge in fashion-forward outfits that will stand out from the crowd. This year we have curated the perfect mix of boho-inspired easy DIYs that will cover you from the music festival to the street. We’ve got a shibori dyed tunic, dip dyed tassel earrings, and an ice dyed tee, to name a few. Scroll to see!

Here are a few projects to inspire.

Dip Dyed Tassel Earrings

This could be our favorite (and easiest) project to date. More importantly, these cha-cha ready dip-dyed tassel earrings are about to be on everyone’s radar.

Shibori Dyed Silk Scarves

Adding a scarf to an outfit can make it look and feel brand new. We dyed a few white scarves with our favorite shibori technique and colors to prove this point.

Ice Dyed Tee

With our ice dyeing technique, you can create beautiful watercolor effects that you won’t find on any store-bought garment. All you need is powder dye, ice and an item to dye.

Shibori Dyed Skirt

Give a simple white skirt or dress a whole new look using our shibori dyeing technique. The pattern adds just the right amount of color and style while still maintaining a timeless look.

Shibori Dyed Tunic

Everyone loves a good shibori pattern in the summer. Tunics are a staple festival fashion item. So, we felt pairing a tunic with a shibori print was a must. If a tunic isn’t readily available, an oversized t-shirt will work equally as well.

Neon Yellow Dress

Neons are very on-trend right now. It spreads a unique vibe that basically tells the world – I am here to have fun. But, finding the color you desire in a dress you want can be tricky. That’s why we took matters into our own hands with this beautiful bohemian dress from Free People. It used to be blue, but we were able to remove it’s color with Rit Color Remover and then dye it with our new Neon Yellow dye!


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