Dip Dyed Lamp Shade

May 2 2018

Adding a dip of our new Neon Green dye to your lampshade will give any space an unexpected and much appreciated pop of color. It’s a delightful use of brightness that will 100% make you smile. Learn how below!


  • Rit All-Purpose Dye (We Used Neon Green)
  • White Lampshade
  • Rit Color Remover
  • Wide Paintbrush
  • Large Bin for Dyeing
  • Mason Jar
  • Paper Towels
  • Plastic Table Cover
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  1. Cover work area with plastic table cover and have paper towels handy to protect against any possible spills.
  2. Fill a plastic container or stainless steel sink with three gallons of hot water. The water should ideally be 140ºF. If tap water is not hot enough, heat water on the stove and add to the dyebath.
  3. Wearing rubber gloves, add 1/2 bottle of well-shaken dye.
  4. Test color by dipping a paper towel into the dyebath. If color is too light, add more dye. If color is too dark, add more water.
  5. Place lampshade halfway into dyebath. The longer the lampshade stays in the dyebath, the darker the color will be. To create an ombré look, gently lift the lampshade so that only the bottom third is still immersed.
  6. Remove lampshade.
  7. For a softer ombré effect, mix Rit Color Remover with hot water in a mason jar. Where the dye intersects with the white part of the shade, apply the solution with a wide brush. This will remove the harsh dye line.
  8. Let shade fully dry before use.
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