Dyed Wood Bead Keychain

February 20 2018

Our new favorite accessory! We purchased these unfinished wood beads from the craft store and dyed them with our beautiful Teal and Cherry Red dyes. Many people may not know that staining unfinished wood with Rit creates beautiful, lasting results. But it does! Because Rit is a water-based dye (and not a heavy oil-based stain), it allows the natural wood grain to show through, adding depth and texture. Plus, since the dye is absorbed by the wood, the colors won’t chip or peel. Based on how heavily used a keychain is, we can’t think of a better perk!

  • Rit All-Purpose Dye (We Used Teal and Cherry Red)
  • Wood Beads (1 1/2" Diameter)
  • Key Ring
  • Embroidery Thread for Tassels
  • Twine
  • Small Container
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Paper Towels
  • Plastic Table Cover
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  1. Cover work area with plastic table cover or newspaper and have paper towels handy to protect against any possible spills.
  2. Wearing gloves, mix ½ cup of Rit All-Purpose Dye with 2 quarts of very hot water. Stir well.
  3. Test color on a scrap piece of similar wood. If the color is too light, add more dye; if the color is too dark, add more water. Please note that the dye will appear lighter when dry.
  4. Immerse beads in dyebath. Lightly stir them to give your beads an “organic” look. Let them soak until desired color is achieved. Remember that the dye will appear lighter when dry.
  5. Repeat to create as many colors as you want.
  6. Once you are finished dyeing, let the beads dry fully on a stack of paper towels.
  7. Once dry, position and line up your beads as desired.
  8. Create tassels with embroidery thread.
  9. Using twine, string beads together and loop the tassel head onto the twine. Loop the twine back up into the same beads.
  10. Secure and knot the thread or twine onto key ring to finish.
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