How to Mix Rit to Create Indigo

June 16 2015

Did you know Indigo is the oldest dye used to color fabrics? The blue hue has been dyeing fabric for centuries in India, China, and Africa. A popular pattern seen often today is from a Japanese fabric folding technique called Shibori. Fabric is folded into a square and then tied off with wooden blocks and twine or rubber bands. With Rit, you can achieve that perfect shade of Indigo using one of our color formulas below!

The following are four different custom recipes we use to achieve Indigo blue.

Sodalite Blue
2 1⁄2 Bottles Royal Blue
1⁄4 Cup Aquamarine
1⁄4 Cup Evening Blue
3 Gallons
Deep Ocean Blue
1 Bottle Evening Blue
1/2 Bottle Navy Blue
3 Gallons Hot Water
Black Blue
1 Bottle of Denim Blue
1/4 Bottle of Black
3 Gallons of Hot Water
Purple Blue
1 Bottle of Denim Blue
1/4 Bottle of Navy Blue
3 Gallons of Hot Water

Here are our easy-to-use instructions on how to mix colors.

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