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Meet the Ritsters

Meet the Ritsters

email Jill
Vice President, Sales
Studio: Sales Dyerector

Jill enjoys seeing people create, imagine and restore using Rit in their everyday lives. A graduate of Miami University and Texas Women’s University, she has been selling color for over 25 years at such companies as Revlon Cosmetics and Unilever, and now Rit Dye. Jill considers Martha Stewart her crafting idol because she makes DIY projects so appealing, and she wants everyone with a DIY color project to be able to easily find Rit in their favorite stores and online.

Dyesigner Network Curator
Studio: The Guilty Crafter’s Dye-I-Y studio

Growing up with bright red hair, Angela has always been happy to be associated with fun, vibrant colors. Working as a corporate trainer for many years, Angela was known for color coding and arranging basic office supplies in rainbow order. For the past 10 years, Angela has worked in the crafting industry where she has been published in numerous magazines, appeared on several crafting reality shows and has become a specialist in working with passionate brand ambassadors. She feels right at home helping connect a community of colorful, creative people who are only limited by their imaginations. As long as Angela is very careful not to permanently dye the kitchen tile grout, she is wholeheartedly supported by Mr. Angela Daniels and their two little redheads.

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email Dianne
Director of Education
Studio: Dye Queen Central

Dianne loves to dye almost anything – from wood to fabric to buttons. The only thing she loves more than dyeing is teaching someone how to dye. Dianne was an educator in the home sewing industry for many years, working with Coats & Clark, a major thread manufacturer, and Prym Dritz, a top end sewing notions company. Through her work in sewing she was introduced to the art of dyeing and discovered the infinite possibilities available to those who love and want to create with color. Several years ago this led her to Rit Dye and she has been creating colorful projects for others to try ever since!

email Kathy
Senior Dyerector
Studio: Color Reassignment Central

For the past 20 years, when not busy overseeing Rit’s manufacturing plant, Kathy has been creating colorful outfits thanks to the help of Rit Dye. And this doesn’t stop at clothing. Anything in need of color is a victim for her projects. Wii jellies, bed sheets, golf balls, bookshelves, clothespins, invitations: they’ve all been targeted for color reassignment. She looks forward to teaming up with everyone on The Rit Studio to knock out boring and bring on the color!

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