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Dip Dye Wedding Dress

Mineke Manor

By Katie Mineke

July 6, 2017

Project Description

I was commissioned to make a dress for a bride who doesn't fit the classic mold, she loves color and was so bored with what we found in the bridal shops.


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Prep, dyeing & Rinse time: About a weekend

Rit Products Used


You'll Also Need

  •   Electric Waterbath Canner

  •   4 gallon pot

  •   latex gloves

  •   painters tape

  •   plastic table cover

  •   whitevinegar

Step By Step

  1. The bride wanted to match to a pair of very unique shoes, but she didn't want to go too pink. I used pantone chips to find the best match to the darkest part of the shoe. The pantone numbers were sent to Rit using the Request a Formula option, and I was sent formulas the next day!

  2. I set up in my boyfriend's kitchen and used 2 painters drop cloths which I taped up to create a "splash zone". The Canner was amazing for this project. I borrowed the one in the photos from a friend who cans. It heats up enough water for bucket dyeing and it has a water-tight nozzle so you don't have to dump a bunch of boiling hot water into a bucket and potentially burn yourself.

  3. I had 2 buckets (plastic bins) - 1 with warm water to pre-wet the fabric, and 1 for the dye bath. This photo is of me plunging the skirt into the dyebath and lifting it up and down for 30 minutes straight. My face is removed to protect the (pantless) innocent.

  4. This is the cotton mock up after the dye bath but before it dried. The final dress pretty much turned out exactly the same way even though the final dress was made of silk.

  5. After I bought the silk, I pre-washed it using Soak no-rinse, except I didn't do the research on best way to dry it! I had a puddle and a mess! After later research I should have used towels and tried to soak up the moisture by creating a towel/fabric burrito. Oh well. The fabric got really wrinkly, I had to water-spray and press the entire 5yds length.

  6. The 2nd dye process was much like the trial in cotton, I used plastic bags to cover up the white portions so I wouldn't accidentally dye them. I accidentally put too much dye in the bath and tried to water it down to reduce the intensity, so it turned out a little bit darker than I intended, but was still happy with the final results. I marked with a basting stitch how far up I wanted to dye each piece because I wanted to keep it fairly consistent, especially the upper portion for the bodice overlay.

  7. More shots of the final dress because it needs to be seen complete.

  8. Dancing shot of the back. The bodice overlay was dip dyed in the same bath as the skirt. I had a really hard time not letting the 2 pieces of fabric touch each other!

  9. Dancing shot of the side.

  • Sara Davis

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Angela Henson

    LOVE this!!!




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