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Curtain Transformation


By Kathy Woods

May 26, 2017

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Project Description

These plain Ikea Curtains came to life after their color transformation!


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Prep, dyeing & Rinse time: About a full day

Rit Products Used


You'll Also Need

  •   Washing Machine

Step By Step

  1. I bought plain Ikea (bomull) curtains. These are curtains and sheers combined.

  2. I cut the sheers from the curtains.

  3. I washing machine dyed the curtains leaving the sheers white.

  4. The curtains soaked over night in the washing machine in a dye bath of dark brown liquid dye.

  5. I added plastic kam snaps to the curtains (and sheers) so that the sheers could be snapped back in place.

  6. I snapped the sheers to the curtains and rehung the curtains.

  7. Done.

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    Yes! You will need to purchase Rit DyeMore for synthetics.

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    No, because you will have to purchase Rit DyeMore for synthetics and we do not carry navy blue in that specific product.

  • http://www.ritdye.com J&M

    Beautifully done!! I appreciate the instructions! Xo




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