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Witchy Tulle Tutu

The Guilty Crafter's Dye-I-Y studio

By Angela Daniels

August 16, 2016

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Project Description

In our house, we'll take any excuse to wear a tulle tutu. Even though my daughter usually prefers really creepy costumes, she was thrilled with this dip-dyed tulle tulle skirt to wear for Halloween. The best part? It's a project you can finish in well under an hour!


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Prep, dyeing & Rinse time: About 1 hour

Rit Products Used


You'll Also Need

  •   4 gallon pot

  •   measuring spoons

  •   rubber bands

  •   rubber gloves

Step By Step

  1. Tulle skirts and tutus are pretty easy to make or you can buy one pre-made online pretty inexpensively (I like Ebay and Amazon.com for buying tulle skirts in a variety of colors). For this project, I chose a tulle skirt in orange. It's important to note that this skirt is made of NYLON which is easily dyed with core Rit dye. If you happen to have polyester tulle, you'll need to use DyeMore dye for synthetics but the process is essentially the same (see link above for a video I have posted about dip-dyeing tulle).

  2. I used a full bottle of black Rit dye in a pot of very hot water. Stirred well.

  3. For this particular dress, I turned the skirt upside down and rubber-banned the bottom hem of the skirt up about 6 inches from the hem to give me a visual guideline as to where I would like to stop dyeing. Once the dye bath was hot, I simply dipped the skirt in (waistband first) all the way up to my rubber band "line." I held on to the skirt and swirled it through the dye bath, making sure the skirt was fully submerged in the dye (except for the hemline I was keeping orange). Keep this up for about 20 minutes to ensure the darkest results.

  4. Rinse thoroughly in cool water until the water runs clear. I air-dryed the skirt outside and once it was fully dry, it was ready to wear!




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