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The Guilty Crafter's Dye-I-Y studio

By Angela Daniels

June 8, 2015

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Project Description

Inexpensive burlap flags into fun and colorful chicken coop decorations. Perfect for our DIY chicken coop!


Flag as Inappropriate
Prep, dyeing & Rinse time: About 1 hour

Rit Products Used


You'll Also Need

  •   Mod Podge

  •    foil

  •    sponge applicator

  •    stencils

  •   glass bowl large

  •   sponge

Step By Step

  1. I think I have seen every single chicken coop on the internet while Mr. Guilty Crafter and I were buidling ours (you can see the crazy build process on my blog). I noticed many coops sporting really cute bunting/flags. I had to have my own set. I ordered chicken stencils on Etsy to make my own flags.

  2. Dyeing the burlap is super easy. I used about 2 cups of hot water to about 2 or 3 tablespoons of liquid dye. I don't even measure, I just pour in the dye. You can use a strip of white paper towel or napkin to color test your color before you dunk in your flags.

  3. If you put the dye in the cup first and then pour in the hot water, it helps mix the color for you, by the way.

  4. And then dunk the flag. This is a great example of why I tell people dyeing with Rit is as easy as dyeing an Easter egg. See how similar it is? That's it.

  5. Once my flags dried, I gathered the supplies I need to add my stencil accent on. Foil to keep the dye from bleeding through the flag onto my work surface AND a piece to mix up dye with Mod Podge.

  6. I used about a 2:1 ratio of Mod Podge to Rit liquid black dye. I added the Mod Podge mostly to give my dye some body so it bled less on the burlap.

  7. Check out the photo on how to do this step.

  8. I mixed up the Mod Podge/ Rit dye mixture with a sponge tip applicator. You can use a foam brush or piece of a clean kitchen sponge too.

  9. Position the chicken stencil on the dyed and dried burlap flag.

  10. Apply the Mod Podge/ dye mixture in a "pouncing" motion. Don't rub or paint the mixture on or the mixture could bleed under the stencil.

  11. Carefully remove stencil (and clean it well for the next flag).

  12. Let dry.

  13. And hang.

  14. Cute, right?

  • http://www.ritdye.com The Ritsters

    The whole chicken coop is to-dye-for but especially the bunting. You are official living in Portlandia now!




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