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Hand-Dyed Wooden Hangers

The Guilty Crafter's Dye-I-Y studio

By Angela Daniels

December 2, 2014

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Project Description

As an alternative to a traditional towel bar in our guest bathroom, I have dyed wooden hangers to match our decor and hung them them on a decorative coat rack. It's fun to have a little bit of DYE-IY in every room.


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Prep, dyeing & Rinse time: About 1 hour

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You'll Also Need

  •   A few vintage buttons

  •    hot glue

  •   rubber gloves

Step By Step

  1. To start with, you need wood hangers. I bought my very inexpensively at Ikea but I also see wood hangers frequently for sale at my local thrift stores.

  2. If your hangers have any protective finish on them, it only takes a few minutes to lightly sand it off with fine grain sandpaper.

  3. Prepare your dye bath. I used Aquamarine liquid dye (about 1/2 a bottle) in my kitchen sink- with hot water.

  4. Drop your hangers in...

  5. ... let them soak until you achieve your desired color. If they're not soaking in the dye, try rinsing them and sanding a bit more.

  6. I let my hangers soak about 1/2 an hour until they absorbed the color. When I removed them from the sink, I let them dry and then I scrubbed them over with a paper towel to remove any excess dye.

  7. An optional step is to dip into your craft stash and add a few fun embellishments to your hangers with hot glue. I used vintage buttons that match our decor.

  8. And now you're ready to put your cute new hangers to use. I liked mine so much, they're a focal point in our guest bathroom!

  • http://www.ritdye.com The Ritsters

    Such a cool, unique idea. Love how it looks!




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