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Dye the Knot: DIY Dip-dye Thank You Cards and Gifts

Knowing that I will be writing many thank you cards and note cards and giving all kinds of thank you gifts over the coming months, I decided to add a little custom flair to the process. And after all of these projects and making my custom purple every month, I finally smartened up and saved the excess dye. That made this project a breeze!

I started with some dip-dyed note cards. I simply poured my pre-mixed dye (no need to heat it) into a flat container so it was about ¼” deep. Then I dipped a solid white note card into the dye. I tilted the container back and forth to give the paper a wavy appearance. Then I removed the card from the dye and let it dry. I did this with both of my custom colors and also dipped the envelopes (just be sure to dip only the bottom of the envelope!).

When I initially asked my best friends to be in my bridal party, I sent them each a bottle of wine with a personalized label and, of course, a custom dyed bow. I simply measured and cut approximately 6” x 1” strips of burlap and lace and then placed the fabric into my pre-mixed dye (works best if you put the dye in a microwavable bowl and heat for approximately 1 minute). I let it sit for approximately 10 minutes, then removed it, rinsed it and let it dry. I ironed the fabric and tied it into a bow around each bottle.

Finally, I wanted to create a custom bow for a pashmina I was giving as a gift. I ripped a small strip of broadcloth fabric (approximately 2” x 36”). Then I dipped this into a plastic cup filled with my pre-mixed, hot dye bath. I let the cloth sit for about 5 minutes, then rinsed and let it dry. I tied it around the package, creating a beautiful shabby chic bow!




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