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Summer Time T-Shirt

Terri Sproul


May 27, 2014

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Project Description

use your punches to make a mask and dye your shirts


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Prep, dyeing & Rinse time: About 15 minutesI

Rit Products Used


You'll Also Need

  •   Punches

  •    and Stencibs stencil material

  •   hair dryer

  •   latex gloves

  •   spray bottle

  •   stencils

Step By Step

  1. Punch out different size flower from Stencib Stencil Sheet

  2. I punches out two different sizes of Flowers

  3. remove stencil backing and add them to shirt - I did a random design and only along the bottom of my shirt.

  4. I used the spray tip for my Rit Color Perfect "Amethyst Purple"

  5. remove your flowers and let set to dry or use a hair dyer to speed it up.

  • http://www.theritstudio.com Angela Daniels

    LOVE this!!! Great idea to punch out your own stencils. Thank you for sharing!




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