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Pearl Grey: The Color of Elegance. (Now in liquid dye!)

Grey is like a whisper. It hides in shadows, coats the sky on rainy days, forms haloes of mist around street lamps as night switches on. It’s not seasonal so much as subtle, an accent rather than a primary, understated and classy rather than overt and showy.

And yet it’s everywhere this season, taking center stage for the first time in years, draping bedrooms in decadent luxury and swathing mannequins in luminescent hues. We want to wrap ourselves up in it, not to fade to the background but to glide to the forefront, the embodiment of elegance.

In time for its re-emergence, we’ve released our Pearl Grey dye in liquid form, making it even easier for you to be on trend. Whether you want to add a dash or a whole bottle of it to your wardrobe, we’ve gathered together a few of our favorite Pearl Grey fashions to help inspire you.

Pearl Grey Liquid Rit Dye

From Tresa’s pants where the grey is the paper the poem is written on to Lisa’s ruffled shirts where the grey keeps the cute in check to the quiet pop it gives to Angela’s biker jacket and Lisa’s deer head tassle necklace to the way it makes Rebecca’s and Michele’s tie-dye what you want to wear out to dinner rather than a summer rock concert, Pearl Grey has quite a lot to say for itself.

What are you dyeing to turn Pearl Grey? Tell us in the comments!

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