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New Dress A Day

By Marisa Lynch

April 16, 2014

Project Description

With spring in full swing, it's time to bring out the pastels! Watercolor-styled pieces are a huge trend right now, so here's an easy way to DIY a piece all on your own using Rit!


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Prep, dyeing & Rinse time: About 30 minutes

Rit Products Used


You'll Also Need

  •   Plastic cups

  •    old newspapers

  •   cotton fabric

  •   latex gloves

  •   paint brush

  •   plastic table cover

  •   rubber gloves

Step By Step

  1. I set up my workspace with a plastic tablecloth topped with newspapers. I began by wetting my skirt completely with water.

  2. I added my chosen colored dyes to plastic cups filled with water (about a tablespoon of dye for each full cup) and started "painting" the dye onto the skirt.

  3. I started with the yellow and orange colors first, just painting the dye in circles, lines, etc., freehand. Because the skirt was wet, the dye was just blending and spreading naturally within the cotton fibers.

  4. I continued with the pink, and a hint of green to give this a garden inspired feeling. I finished up with the violet shade, painting little circles in the center of the mixed colors to come across like an abstract flower.

  5. Once the dyeing was complete, I let the skirt fully dry and set before handwashing.

  6. Voila, new springtime skirt that feels like art!

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