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Fendi or Dye: Rebecca’s Knockout Knockoff Dress

The dresses keep coming, one even more stunning then the next, slips of fabric cascading over each other, red and orange and blue and yellow fading into lighter and lighter hues in a waterfall of color. This is Fendi’s spring collection and to say it will take your breath away is putting it mildly.

At least it made Rebecca stop and stare as she walked by Fendi’s window one morning on her way to breakfast. Not one to spend a few thousand dollars on a dress, never mind one she could only wear to a few occasions, she wanted to see if she could recreate the ombre feel of the dress with dye and wear it to the Tongie Awards where the Rit Story on bridal wear designer Tawny Holt was up for Best Long Form Video.

Rebecca tracked down a much less expensive white Ann Taylor dress (from their bridal collection, no less) and enlisted Rit’s crack in-house dye-queen Dianne to help her dye it. Dianne waited until her husband was out so she would have absolute silence and total concentration while dyeing each of the layer’s colors. What resulted is sheer perfection.

Want to see how Dianne dyed it? Yeah, we thought you might. Oh, and the award? Well, you can’t win everything.

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  • http://www.theritstudio.com Angela Daniels

    This is absolutely lovely. What size are you, Rebecca? I think Rit should start a fashion sharing program.




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