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Create a Magical Forest of Bottle Brush Trees

There’s something strangely beautiful about the bottle brush tree. Seeing them is like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. You feel as if you have been dropped into a small, fairy forest where the pine needles whisper of fantastical secrets.

It’s not just the size that does it. It’s the symmetry of the bristles, the brush forest perfectly uniform and aligned. And it’s the colors. Pinks as pale as ballet slippers; yellows that glow like candles, lit from within; dark greens that nearly exude the sharp, rich mossy scent of sap and bark.

Growing your own magical forest is easy. You can buy the trees from a craft store, or make your own using sisal rope. Lisa Kettell shows you how, or watch this holiday tear jerker of a
how-to video from Martha Stewart
. Depending on the color you want, it can be a quick dip in the dye bath for a minute or two to get a light, pale shade, or a real soak to get a hue deep and dark enough for wood nymphs to hide behind.

Whatever type of forest you choose to create, we hope you’ll share it here and online with the hashtag #RitBottleBrushTrees.




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