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Zebra Shibori Scarf


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Prep, dyeing & Rinse time: About 1 hour

Rit Products Used


You'll Also Need

  •   15" x 60" Cotton Scarf (CS15) - available from Dharma Trading

  •    PVC Pipe - 4" diameter x 12"

  •    Ball of Cotton Twine

  •    Masking Tape

  •    3-Gallon Plastic Container for dyeing

  •    Rit Liquid Dye - 1 Bottle

  •   measuring cup

  •   large metal spoon

  •   plastic table cover

  •   rubber bands

  •   rubber gloves

  •   salt white vinegar

Step By Step

  1. Wash and dry scarf to remove any sizing or finishes.

  2. Cover work surface with plastic table cover.

  3. Place scarf on table and lay the PVC pipe lengthwise on the scarf.

  4. Wrap the scarf fabric around the pipe, and temporarily hold it in place with a rubber band at one end. Place a piece of masking tape near the other end of the pipe to hold the scarf fabric temporarily together as you work with it. Move tape along length of scarf as needed.

  5. Tie end of twine around end of fabric and pipe; make a knot. Wrap twine around the pipe about every ½” for 4”.

  6. Then stop and push the wrapped fabric down to the end of the pipe where the wrapping began. Continue wrapping and pushing the fabric until the entire scarf is pushed down. Secure end of twine with a knot.

  7. Fill container with warm water and soak wrapped fabric for 5 - 10 minutes.

  8. Prepare dye solution: Wearing rubber gloves, shake dye bottle and pour 1 bottle of Black liquid dye into a 4-cup measuring cup. Add 1 cup salt and 3 cups very hot tap water (140F); stir well. Note: If your tap water is not very hot, heat water in the microwave or in a tea kettle.

  9. Remove wet fabric from container. Then fill 3-gallon plastic bucket with enough very hot water (about 3 gallons) to cover fabric-wrapped pipe. Add dye solution; stir well.

  10. Immerse fabric-wrapped pipe in dye bath for 20 - 30 minutes or until desired color is achieved.

  11. Turn pipe every few minutes to be sure dye penetrates fabric evenly.

  12. Remove fabric dye from bath and unwrap twine and fabric from pipe.

  13. Rinse fabric in cool water until water runs clear. Then launder in warm water with a mild detergent; rinse and hang to dry.




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